IoT Platforms: Different types of platforms and how to choose the one you need

Because of that, ThingSpeak has great analytical powers and helps its clients achieve a near-real-time analysis of data from hundreds of sensors. Bosch IoT Suite is an all-around, good IoT platform with a German approach to security and reliability. They offer their secure server for information storage but also support the on-site data storage. This […]

What is a Test Plan? Complete Guide With Examples

The continuous models, such as CTP, STEP, and TPI Next, allow an organization to address its highest priority issues with more freedom in the order of implementation. It is a guide for the testing process to ensure that all aspects of the system or application are properly evaluated. Test process improvement is concerned with the […]

Top Cloud Security Companies in 2022 How to Choose the Best One

Encrypting data shields the information from any user who attempts to view it without the decryption key. Tokenization shields employee or user data from view by using symbols, or tokens, to represent personally identifiable information. Note that unlike most of Microsoft’s security solutions, Defender for Cloud Apps doesn’t have a free trial specific to its […]