CIF stores all of the important data about an account holder in digital form. Every CIF is identified by a special number called a CIF number. At the moment of verification, it is utilised to retrieve all of the customer’s information.

The CIF number contains a summary of all the account-related information of a customer, such as account details, contact information, and transaction history. You can get it online using the SBI internet Banking or YONO app. You can also find the same in the SBI bank passbook on the first page containing your details.

Banks, including SBI, use the person’s bank information to run their accounts. Even if you hold multiple accounts in the same bank, the CIF number will be the same for all the accounts. The CIF number will help bank staff to view all information related to a particular account in one single place. In this article, we will take a look at what is a CIF number in SBI and different methods to get your CIF number including both online and offline methods. SBI CIF Number is an eleven-digit Customer Information File (CIF) that contains detailed information about the customer. The State Bank of India provides bank account holders with a passbook containing all the information such as name, account number, CIF number etc.

In this article, we try to mention all the methods to get the CIF code without a passbook. If I missed anything in this post, let me know in the comment section. You can also use this process to find out CIF number at other banks. The CIF number is also printed on the first page of your bank passbook.

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Moreover, you can also apply the SMS and Email way to find the CIF Number. When customers begin their banking journey with the State Bank of India, they are provided with a chequebook to assist them in making transactions. The first page of the chequebook contains the CIF number in SBI. Then, click on the ‘View Nomination and PAN Details‘ option on the home page. So, to get the CIF number through SBI internet banking, follow the steps below. For most banks, the CIF number can be found on the passbook or chequebook of the account holder.

For this method, you need to register your bank account with your email address. You can easily send a request for e-statement through SMS. All you need to do is to send an SMS from your registered mobile number and get the e-statement.

The most crucial phrase in financial operations is CIF. All of the account holder’s demographic data is kept in a file called CIF. With more than branches in India alone and 190 offices in 35 other nations, SBI is the dominant bank in the Indian banking industry. There is a number of ways to find a CIF number for an SBI bank account.

How to Find CIF Number of SBI Bank Account?

One of the methods is cif number on cheque book sbi, and the other method is how to get cif number of sbi without a passbook. I have mentioned both the methods below; you can use either of them. The CIF number will be given to customers when the account is opened and there are multiple ways to find the same.

What is SBI CIF Number and How to Find It? (4 Easy Methods)

One can find the CIF Number on the passbook, chequebook, banks customer care, or you can connect with the bank manager. In this article, we will explain the different ways to get your CIF number for an SBI account, whether you have your passbook or not. CIF number is a unique number that works as the key to the file that contains all your personal and confidential banking information. It is used by the bank to store the data of its customers in a safe virtual space. You can find this number printed on your bank statements, cheque books, and passbook information pages.

The State Bank’s passbook contains all the accounts’ details. So that customers can easily check their account numbers, CIF numbers and other information. It is straightforward; you must register your email id and mobile number with your bank account. Then, you need to send the request for an e-statement by SMS.

✅how to get SBI CIF number without passbook?

Once a new bank account is opened, a unique CIF number will be given to the account holders. If in case, you have multiple bank accounts in SBI then, the CIF Number will remain the same for all your accounts. With the help of the banking services, the account holders can easily change mobile number, change address in the SBI account, block SBI ATM Card, and more. Just like providing access to the aforementioned services, SBI bank provides a plethora of methods on how to get CIF number of SBI.

This article is specifically for you if you’re seeking to find the SBI CIF number in SBI without a passbook. We will go through what a CIF number in SBI is and how to find your SBI CIF number using Yono, online banking, or SMS. For this method that you should be well versed with Account log-in id and passwords.


Once you get an e-statement, you can open the PDF file and view your CIF number easily. State Bank of India provides a passbook to the account holder upon opening a fresh bank account at the nearest bank branch. The concerned bank executives will provide a welcome kit to the account holders once the bank has approved your fresh SBI savings account. The account holder also receives a passbook for the new savings account. CIF number is a confidential number and should be kept safe and should not be shared with anyone. It is a unique number assigned to each customer by a bank for identification and internal record-keeping purposes.

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