cpa exam fees

The Uniform CPA Examination (Exam) protects the public interest by helping to ensure that only qualified individuals become licensed as U.S. Individuals seeking to qualify as CPAs are required to pass the Exam. Taking your exam on the last possible day does not guarantee that you will still receive your score by the target release date.

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Are there any restrictions on taking the examination outside of my jurisdiction?

Once you pass the CPA Exam, there are a few more requirements needed to obtain a CPA license. You may schedule your examination at any Prometric site in any of the 54 jurisdictions. You do not have to sit in the same state where you applied.

cpa exam fees

To meet the CPA Exam education requirements for your state, you may need to take additional accounting courses. College courses and materials can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The exception may be when you’ve paid fees to your state board and are found ineligible when you first apply, in which case you might receive a partial refund. Be sure to verify refund policies with your state board. You will NOT receive a refund if you are later found ineligible because of misconduct, a change in requirements, or other factors.

CPA Exam Fees: How Much Does the CPA Cost?

Refer to your jurisdiction’s application materials for additional information. The New York Court of Appeals adopted the UBE effective with the July 2016 administration of the New York State bar examination. In addition, all applicants are required to complete an online course on New York law and take and pass an online examination on New York law, as a requirement for admission in New York.

Most companies like Roger and Becker charge about $500 to renew their courses. This cost isn’t as common as the last one, but it is pretty common. A lot of candidates don’t take my advice on how to pick out the best CPA review course and they end up getting one that doesn’t work for them.

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You don’t want either of these things to happen because there’s no sense in paying the application fee twice. Follow these steps to make sure your application process goes smoothly the first time. This is the fee that you pay to your state board in order to apply to take the exam. It’s only a one time fee, but you might end up paying it more than once if your application is rejected the first time or you let your authorization to test notice (ATT) expire.

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The CPA Exam review that you choose is an investment – make sure it’s a worthy one. Depending on your state, you may be required to pay a registration fee when you sign-up for each exam section. Some states require passing an ethics exam and most state boards accept the AICPA’s comprehensive ethics course and
exam. This exam can generally be taken before, during or after the CPA Exam and test results are valid for a 2 year

CPA evolution explained: The CPA exam in 2023 and 2024

Veterans qualify for reimbursement of testing expenses up to $2,000. In certain cases, spouses and/or dependents of active duty service members can qualify for reimbursement of expenses toward education cpa exam fees and testing. Sample scenario
The scenario below explains the costs for a future CPA who has taken a self-study review course and has re-applied to take a section not passed on the first try.

This means that you should only pay for exams that you will take within six months. There is no ethics exam in the state of New York, so that will not be an additional cost. Some states require an additional ethics exam, which will cost about $175. If you live internationally, you will pay almost double the amount for each section of the CPA exam.

I lost my NTS. What do I do?

You have until the end of testing on the day your credit expires. Remember, when scheduling your examination, some testing centers are not open on weekends or holidays. For some jurisdictions, the expiration date for conditional credit may fall in a non-testing month.

cpa exam fees

The CPA exam fee can be about $208 per section, for a total of around $832. If the Prometric center where you’ll test isn’t just right up the road, then you’ll need to allow for all kinds of travel and accommodation expenses. For international and out-of-state candidates, these CPA Exam costs could include airplane tickets, bus tickets, taxis, hotel rooms, and meals. Fifty-two out of 55 state boards also charge a registration fee. You’ll have to pay this CPA Exam cost if you ever need another NTS. Instead, you must keep in mind that the CPA certification is well worth every penny you spend because it pays for itself with dividends for the duration of your career.

Therefore, you should use this heads-up to develop a budget that accounts for all the CPA costs you may encounter. Because you’re an accountant, I’m sure you’ll be able to adequately prepare your funds once you learn all about the cost of the CPA. While the CPA Exam is the same for all candidates, other requirements may differ by jurisdiction. You should check with your specific Board of Accountancy for details.

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